Program Offerings

Fellowship Program
The First Nations’ Futures Program partners each select 4+ fellows to enter into the program to create a cohort of emerging leaders.  In the link above, the overall program for our fellows is broadly outlined.

First Nations’ Futures Institute
After respective orientations, the fellows are initiated into the First Nations’ Futures Institute held at Stanford University during the fall.  In the link above, a brief description of the Institute is given.

Place Based Projects
Place based projects are undertaken by our fellows.  The fellows are expected to implement all the resources available to them to produce a proposal of the issue (to be determined) and present it to the stakeholders.  In the link above, an approximate timeline of place based projects is presented.

‘Aha Naua Lelepa
The ‘Aha is the Hawai’i equivalent component to the Stanford Institute and adopts the concept of themed days employed at the Stanford Institute. In the link above, a brief description of the ‘Aha is given.

International Leadership Case Study
An extra portion of the program may be implemented given time and funding availability.  In the link above, a brief description of the Case Study is given.

The fellows officially complete their First Nations’ Futures Program requirements with the Seminar — to be held at the following year’s First Nations’ Futures Institute.  In the link above, a brief description is given.